[Xapian-devel] Ruby bindings now pass all smoketests

Paul Legato plegato at nks.net
Sat Apr 22 02:03:10 BST 2006

Dear Xapian developers,

I am happy to announce that the Xapian-Ruby bindings now pass all tests 
defined in smoketest.rb. (These tests are mostly drawn from 
smoketest.py; a few tests that are not applicable to the Ruby version 
have been removed.) I have also added Olly's patch to integrate the Ruby 
bindings into the automake/configure scripts.

The latest version is available by anonymous SVN from 
https://nks-svn-001.nks.net/xapian-bindings/ .

Usage information is in the included README.txt. I have not yet tried 
any real world application of the Ruby bindings, just the smoketest, so 
the Ruby bindings should be considered beta quality at best. There may 
still be a few unknown bugs in there. I will be conducting more 
extensive testing next week. As always, I welcome any suggestions or 



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