[Xapian-devel] AIR wants to move from CD-ROM based products to Web

Community Networks commnet at eth.net
Tue Mar 7 11:14:50 GMT 2006


 I am the Software Engineer to CommNet (www.community-networks.net).
 All India Reporter is the largest publisher of law
 journals in India and publishing their content on
 CD-ROMs using Folio for last 7 years. Now they would
 like to also publish using the web.
 Please give me the list of packaged search engine ,
 options they have using for fastsearch. 
 Please give complete range from
 low end to high end along with advantages and
 disadvantages. Also include initial pricing and
 recurring license fees.
 I have promised that we will give them a proposal in
 next couple of days since they would like to decide
 and make investments before March 31, 2006 (before
 end of Financial Year in India). Hence your early
 response will be appreciated.
 Can you also give me idea of the underlying platform
 requirements and bandwidth considerations. I am
 meeting few hosting service providers to get their
 quotations. Also is their way to account for
 bandwidth being used by individual users? This will
 help in billing.
Eagerly waiting for your reply.


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