[Xapian-devel] Re: [Xapian-commits] 7990: trunk/xapian-core/trunk/xapian-core/bin/ trunk/xapian-core/tests/harness/

Olly Betts olly at survex.com
Sun Apr 1 15:30:27 BST 2007

On Sun, Apr 01, 2007 at 01:34:46PM +0100, Richard Boulton wrote:
> Mark Hammond wrote:
> >Its looking pretty good!  A socklen_t definition got lost, so we need:
> >
> >+#ifdef _MSC_VER
> >+typedef int socklen_t;
> >+#endif
> >
> >Added to safewinsock2.h.
> Done.

We already have a mechanism for this (`SOCKLEN_T') which should be used
instead.  On UNIX, configure probes and generates config.h with a #define
of SOCKLEN_T to `int' or `socklen_t' as appropriate.

The hand-written config.h.win32 erroneously had "#define SOCKLEN_T
socklen_t" (which previously didn't matter of course) so I had fixed
that and removed the typedef.  I suspect Mark hadn't updated to the new

I've doubled-checked that the SOCKLEN_T define is now correct and
reverted this change.  Mark: please make sure that you're using the
latest msvc build files and if the problem is still there let's work out
why this isn't working as intended...

> which is a little more helpful - I've fixed this error, and another one 
> which popped up in omdebug.cc.  I've got everything working again on 
> Linux - let us know how you do on windows.

Gah, this sort of issue crops up too often.  We really need a tinderbox
build with debug enabled to catch these (bug#54).  Perhaps once 1.0 is


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