[Xapian-devel] More weirdness with PHP bindings

Olly Betts olly at survex.com
Tue Apr 3 15:35:32 BST 2007

On Tue, Apr 03, 2007 at 03:22:14PM +0100, Charlie Hull wrote:
> and with that code, we get the correct terms. So the bug only concerns 
> the way get_matching_terms is wrapped (and only appears under 
> windows)... strange.

How odd.  What if you take Xapian out of the equation and run something

    function foo() { return array("is", "there"); }
    $terms = join(" ", foo());
    for ($i=0; $i<strlen($terms); $i++) echo $c=ord($terms[$i]), ' ', ($c>31?$terms[$i]:''), "\n";


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