[Xapian-devel] Re: [Xapian-discuss] Fixing issue with PHP5/Windows

Daniel Ménard Daniel.Menard at bdsp.tm.fr
Thu Apr 5 10:49:55 BST 2007

Olly Betts a écrit :
> Great, thanks for checking.  I've committed this to SVN HEAD and will
> backport it shortly.  Then I think I'll reroll with this fix
> in.
> In C++, all the standard library stuff is in a "std" namespace.  In the
> library sources, we just put "using namespace std;" after the header
> inclusion in each source file so you can omit the "std::", but it still
> works to explicitly specify it.
> However, in externally visible headers we always use "std::" explicitly,
> since we should let the user decide if they want to import the namespace
> or not (or to just import some things - "using std::vector;" just make
> "vector" visible without the namespace, for example).
Thanks for taking time to explain,

Best regard,


Daniel Ménard

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