[Xapian-devel] Re: [Xapian-commits] 8351: trunk/xapian-core/ trunk/xapian-core/backends/flint/

Richard Boulton richard at lemurconsulting.com
Mon Apr 23 08:51:35 BST 2007

olly wrote:
> SVN root:       svn://svn.xapian.org/xapian
> Changes by:     olly
> Revision:       8351
> Date:           2007-04-23 01:44:44 +0100 (Mon, 23 Apr 2007)
> Log message (2 lines):
> backends/flint/flint_version.cc: Update the flint format version
> since older flint versions can't read compressed tags.

Am I correct in assuming that this means that when people update to 
version 1.0, they're going to have to rebuild their databases?

Presumably, the newer flint code can still read the earlier databases, 
so should we be trying to make the code backwards compatible - ie, make 
flint in version 1.0 able to open dbs with version number 200611200u?


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