[Xapian-devel] Trying to patch xapian perl add/remove_spelling

Henry henka at cityweb.co.za
Wed Nov 26 10:08:40 GMT 2008


I'm giving a stab at patching the CPAN module to add the missing  
WritableDatabase::add_spelling and remove_spelling, but need a bit of  
guidance since I'm coming in cold, and pressed for time (aren't we all).

I've modified XS/WritableDatabase.xs and added the two necessary  
functions, and also added the two basic tests in t/index.t.

Compilation completes cleanly, but running

perl index.t

fails with

Exception: This backend doesn't implement spelling correction at  
index.t line 48.

I've obviously missed some file or something that needs to be set.   
The patch is attached.

I'd appreciate some comments wrt what I'm missing.


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