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aarsh shah aarshkshah1992 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 18:51:51 GMT 2013

Hey there Olly,hope you are fine . :) I have the code for Paice Husk ready
.But I am not being able to modify the Xapian source code I have downloaded.

I modified the stem.cc file so that get_description() returns a default
welcome string insead of calling the internal get_description() method
(just for fun ) .I than used make and make install again and then wrote a
simple indexer which called the stem.get_description() method .However,I
got the original string instead of the one I had modified.Why didn't the
change I had made get reflected ? I know this is a naive question but I am
new to open source and have never modified open source code before.Sorry
for taking up your time.I tried everything I could ,( even built the entire
code again) but nothing happened.

The code for the paice husk stemmer is ready and Ive understood how to use
it for indexing.I am supposed to inherit Xapian::StemImplementation
,implement the pure virtual  functions(have already done that)  and than
pass a reference  to the inherited object to
Xapian::Stem::Stem(StemImplementaion *pointer) ,right ? :)

Thank you so much for your time :) .Want to work on the Eset
modification(being able to specify the weighing scheme like Mset) next.Will
discuss it in detail with you once I am done with this.

-Warm Regards
-Aarsh :)

n Sat, Jan 12, 2013 at 12:19 PM, Olly Betts <olly at survex.com> wrote:

> On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 12:17:07AM +0530, aarsh shah wrote:
> > Hi guys.I've finished an example indexer which acts like a grep
> replacement
> > for a file.It indexes each line containing a proper noun  in a given text
> > file.The line containing the proper noun will be displayed upon searching
> > for that noun.I would like to add it to the community code examples.I'm
> > planning to write more examples which demonstrate some advanced features
> of
> > Xapian along similar lines soon. Can anyone please help me on how to add
> my
> > examples to the community ?
> Cool.  There's a page on the wiki for examples here:
> http://trac.xapian.org/wiki/SampleCode
> Anyone can edit the wiki - you just need to register first.
> You can attach files to the wiki page, but I'd probably suggest using a
> code hosting site (that's certainly a better option if it's more than a
> single file).
> > I now want to develop a Paice/Husk stemmer for Xapian.The stemmer itself
> is
> > not that hard to implement and I already read the page mentioned in the
> > resources for the stemming project.But Ive yet to fiddle with the code
> base
> > and so don't know how to add the stemmer to the codebase.Il be extremely
> > grateful if you could guide me here
> You can subclass Xapian::StemImplementation and then wrap that in a
> Xapian::Stem object to use where you'd use the built-in stemmers:
> http://xapian.org/docs/apidoc/html/stem_8h.html
> I'd probably suggest you just do it as an external stemmer first, and
> once you have that working, then work on including it as part of the
> library.
> > Moreover,I wold also love to write a patch for multiple spelling
> > suggestions as Xapian only suggests one right now.Any help/suggestions ?
> There's actually already a patch for that, along with a number of other
> enhancements to spelling correction done as a GSoC project, but they're
> all on a branch currently, and haven't yet been merged.
> > My basic problem is that given any feature I want to fiddle
> > with/improve/change,I don't know which part of the code base to access
> Yeah, finding your way around a sizable source tree can take some
> getting used to.  Have you seen this overview page?
> http://xapian.org/docs/code_structure.html
> > feel like I know a lot more about IR and Xapian than I used to :)
> Great.
> Cheers,
>     Olly
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