[Xapian-devel] Integrating a PaiceHusk stemmer into the library

aarsh shah aarshkshah1992 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 04:56:31 GMT 2013

Hey guys Hi :)  I've implemented a PaiceHusk stemmer externally  So what I
am doing right now is passing a pointer to my StemPaiceHusk class(which in
turn has been subclassed from Stemimplementation) to the
Stem::Stem(StemImplementation *p) constructor .So basically,I have to
include "paicehusk.h" in my indexer  .However,I now want to make it a part
of the Xapian library so that I can simply include <xapian.h> in my indexer
and use something like Xapian::Stem("paicehusk") to use the stemmer.(as we
do for the inbuilt snowball stemmers.)

-> I tried doing in a lot of ways including adding:-

#include "paicehusk.h" in stem.cc (paicehusk.h and stem.cc are in the same
directory)  and then the following code in Stem::Stem(const string
&language) constructor.

(if language=="paicehusk")
               internal(new StemPaiceHusk) and also internal=new

->But it's not working.I get an error when I make the library then.Please
can you help me out here as this will also help me in integrating further
changes in the library that I plan to do now.I think it has to do something
with adding code in the Xapian::Internal::RefCnt base class as internal is
an object of that class.I read the code but am not being able to figure out
what to do.Please can you'll help me here. ? Thanks for your time :)

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