[Xapian-devel] Broken links on trac release overview page

Olly Betts olly at survex.com
Wed Jun 19 01:26:25 BST 2013

On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 10:02:38AM +1000, Bron Gondwana wrote:
> http://trac.xapian.org/wiki/ReleaseOverview/1.2.15
> The links to individual NEWS items are broken:
> i.e. http://svn.xapian.org/*checkout*/tags/1.2.15/xapian-core/NEWS

The server which hosts most of the xapian.org services was upgraded a
couple of days ago, which will probably cause a few things to break.
We're checking over everything, but please do report any problems you

> http://svn.xapian.org/Xapian/tags/1.2.15/xapian-core/NEWS?view=markup
> might be a better link.

A plain version would be nicer.  I think simply putting a copy of the NEWS
files on the website would be best.


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