[Xapian-devel] GSOC '14 Learning to Rank

Ajay Chatterjee ajay.chatt03 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 27 16:55:32 GMT 2014

      I am a final year undergraduate student at Bengal Engineering and
Science University, Shibpur, India.

I am interested in this year's GSOC project on Learning to rank in Xapian.
I just wanted to ask whether that project is still being considered in this
year's GSOC and is it a good time to start.

I have started going through the resources given alongside the project
description in the Ideas page. I wanted to ask about the next steps to
proceed, I mean whether there are any issues with the existing Letor API,
as it would have helped me get familiar to the codebase faster.

I have a quite decent coding experience with C++ being an ACM-ICPC regional
finalist in 2013. I also have  some idea about feature selection algorithms
as well as information retrieval and I am very interested in contributing
to this project in this year's GSoC.

Hoping for a reply soon.

Thanking you
Ajay Chatterjee
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