[Xapian-devel] when file for test is added into database

Hurricane Tong zhangshangtong.cpp at qq.com
Sat Jun 7 17:54:52 BST 2014


For example, in api_anydb.cc, line 1955,

DEFINE_TESTCASE(getdoc1, backend) {
    Xapian::Database db(get_database("apitest_onedoc"));
    Xapian::Document doc(db.get_document(1));

get_database seems only to open the database or create it, but not add a doc to it.
So I get an exception in db.get_document(1), 

DocNotFoundError: Document 1 not found.

When is concerning docs added?
Shangtong Zhang,Second Year Undergraduate,
School of Computer Science,
Fudan University, China.
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