[Xapian-devel] GSoc Project Idea Weighting Schemes (Ranking)

Abhishek Singh Kushwah abhishek18kushwah at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 05:09:52 GMT 2014

Thanks Olly,

The windows installation problem has been resolved,

Well certainly BM25 offers stability and comparatively speed too which is
why it is more preferred than others.

What I have tried to understood from your point, no new schemes are needed
to be implemented for now at least in this GSoC.

So probably the default scheme needs to be improved and the previous
implemented schemes in restricted domain needs to be brought forward.

Probably you are thinking for improvements in Unigram Language Modelling
and Bi-gram Language Modelling implemented in GSoC 2012. If that's the case
then your explanation towards more appropriate goals would be appreciated.

One such another feature you mentioned to add support for getting the
number of unique terms is a great idea and can be implemented possibly for
the purpose of getting more statistics in this GSoC.

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