[Xapian-devel] Adding Support for Krovetz Stemmer Algo in Xapian

James Aylett james-xapian at tartarus.org
Sun Nov 30 15:28:35 GMT 2014

On 29 Nov 2014, at 15:34, Abhishek Singh Kushwah <abhishek18kushwah at gmail.com> wrote:

> As mentioned on the project ideas page, Adding more support for stemmer algorithm,
> i found an implementation of Krovetz Stemmer Algo in C++ but before working on it to merge it into xapian, i needed help in recognizing the license information associated with the source code.
> To avoid further licensing issues kindly someone check the link 
> http://sourceforge.net/p/lemur/wiki/KrovetzStemmer/  

The project suggests it’s under a BSD license, but the code itself is a mire of confusion, citing that license (by URL), and an “all rights reserved” copyright statement underneath. Since the BSD license grant is for “use of the Lemur Toolkit…” I don’t think we can reasonably assume that the individual code is actually licensed appropriately for us to use.

Our general attitude, based on past experiences with “foreign” code, is that unless you’ve written it, it’s difficult for us to accept it.


 James Aylett, occasional trouble-maker

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