Rank Stabilization Project GSOC 2016 ( Updated)

Tejas Ravichandran venkatakrishnan164 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 23:29:15 GMT 2016

I deeply apologize for sending an incomplete e-mail. Sorry for
the inconvenience caused.

Hello Sir, I am Tejas Ravichandran, a 3rd Year Computer Science
Undergraduate Student of BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus , India.
I have extensive knowledge on the below topics and am willing to contribute
for Xapian for GSOC 2016.

* Proficient Languages : C, C++ ,Python
* Data Structures and Algorithms
* Various Standard Machine Learning Algorithms
* Information Retrieval

I have  attached my resume with this e-mail and have forwarded my github
link for a few IR based projects that i have done using Python.

I would like to have more insight into the Learning to Rank Project and
preferably some prior task/project that i could work on to get myself more
equipped to contribute for the same.

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