Questions about GSoC project: Speed up the Test Suite

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Sat Mar 12 12:14:44 GMT 2016

     My name is Luo Zengbo, a student from Zhejiang University, China.  As
I mentioned in IRC before(my IRC nick name is poe_), I am interested in
GSoC project: Speed up the Test Suite. After discussed with Olly, I think
this project can be divided into three steps:

    Step 1:
        Rewrite every call of the function get_writable_database(). I will
pass writable database's name with test's name appending to avoid two test
cases writing the same database at the same time.

    Step 2:
        Run test cases in concurrency with thread pool.

    Step 3:
        Adding some instrumentation code to record the run time of every

    As we know, multi-threads uses less resource and is easier to
communication than multi-processes, so I choose multi-threads. My questions
is that which multi-thread library is more suitable for Xapian? C++11's
<thread> or <pthread.h>? On the one hand, pthead is POSIX threads library
which will work well in Unix-like system. But in Windows, we need to
install the third-party library such as pthread-w32. On the other hand,
C++11's thread is standard library so we need install a third-party
library, but maybe not supported by the earlier GCC compiler.

    Any suggestion about the plan and the choice of library is appreciated.

Luo Zengbo
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