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Richhiey Thomas richhiey.thomas at
Sat Mar 26 04:54:22 GMT 2016

Hello devs,

I would like to take up the bite sized project on adding a match command to
omega script to perform a regex match.
I would just like to know whether the way I am approaching this is right or

The way I am planning to approach it is:

1. Add a new command in and write the implementation for this
2. Inside implementation, we will use pcre library in a similar way to the
$tranform function and take two arguments, the regex and the string to
perform a match on.
3. Then using pcre library, we check for a regex match using pcre_exec( )
and if the value it returns is lesser than or equal to zero, return true or
else return false.

Do let me know if I'm going wrong out here.
Thanks :)
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