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Thank you very much for providing me the information.

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 > I'm sorry I could not figure out how the document answers my question. My question is about the 'term' search in the dictionary of terms (term list) maintained by Xapian. I assume that Xapian maintains an alphabetical list of terms. When a user types a search term like "integration", the system first looks up this dictionary of terms for this word "integration". Is this search done using binary search or some other method ? 
 Ah! I understand now. Xapian uses an on-disk b-tree structure for most of its backends (see for instance our wiki page on the Flint backend (from 1.0.x), although we're now a couple of iterations beyond that to Glass (1.4.x): <>. There are various tables built using this structure, but in particular the term list uses a b-tree, and so the search is what you'd expect from that.
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