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> I am Nirmal Singhania, 4th Year from NIIT University. Last Year i applied for "Clustering of search results"Project but was not selected unfortunately.
> I have gone through the ideas list and am really interested in project"Learning to rank click data mining"
> Last year Olly gave me reference to papers relating to this project when i asked for other ways to contribute to xapian outside of GSOC.
> I was unable to catch up with it because of other commitments.
> For now,
> I have read the papers and have a basic understanding of how it will work with xapian.
> Please Guide me on how to proceed with this project.

Hi, Nirmal. You'll need to write a proposal for how you plan to tackle the project. We provide guidance on how to do this both in an application template and notes on the sorts of things we're looking for. In particular, a detailed timeline is essential, which depends in turn on having a detailed plan. So you need to break the project down into distinct pieces.

Some people like to come up with an initial high-level breakdown and post it to the mailing list to get feedback. (I think this is a good way of doing it.) That way you can ask questions about any areas you've identified but don't know how to break down further, and so iteratively get your plan down to the level of detail needed for a good GSoC proposal.


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