GSoC update

James Aylett james-xapian at
Sun May 28 12:58:44 BST 2017

Hi, everyone. We're coming towards the end of the "community bonding" period, which means our students will be moving into the bulk of their project plan over the next week. This may see them popping up more frequently either here on the mailing list, or on IRC. If you can answer a question or help them out, even if you aren't a mentor, please jump in! (In fact, if you're a student this year and can help another student, that's a great way to build confidence in your knowledge of Xapian!)

A quick reminder to this year's students: please keep your journals up to date throughout the summer (ideally, take five minutes at the end of every day and make it part of your routine). Also, if you have to replan at any time, it's helpful to update your notes around that as well. This makes it easier for our mentors to help you as you work over the summer, particularly important since our mentors are scattered around the world (while all our students are in the same timezone!).


 James Aylett, occasional troublemaker & project governance

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