Proud to announce the v1.0.0 release of zapdos

S Roychowdhury sroycode at
Thu Jun 25 12:37:18 BST 2020

I am happy to announce the v1.0.0 release of zapdos, a search engine for
reasonably large amounts of location related data based on Xapian.
It was originally intended to act as a geocoder/reverse-geocoder for
openstreetmaps planet dump. The major difference between other similar
engines and this , besides being able to handle the entire planet search on
a single EC2 instance ( you can cluster it by adding machines ) is the use
of search profiles. You can offer multiple different ways of
search/typeahead on the same dataset without writing code. In the typical
use-case , users will populate the dump once and only incremental data is
updated subsequently.

It is based on Xapian 1.4.10+ , so the first time indexing includes a
slightly hackish way of building the index in parts and merging them as is

Comments and bugs are welcome.

Code is at
Documentation see

Regards and Best Wishes
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