[Xapian-discuss] Rqt for Features 2

Eric B. Ridge ebr at tcdi.com
Wed Aug 11 22:25:01 BST 2004

While we're on the topic of new features...

What about (at least right-truncation) wildcard support in the 
QueryParser?  I've probably mentioned this before, but I've written my 
own java-based query parser.  I've recently expanded it to support 
taking a Database reference along with the query string:
	public Query parse(Database db, String query);

If the parser has a Database reference and it spots a wildcard in the 
query string, it'll lookup all the terms that match in the Database, 
and OR 'em together as a big group in the query.  This was a suggestion 
of Olly's from a long while back.

What are the odds of getting something like this hooked directly into 
Xapian?  Either the QueryParser or the Query/Matcher?

Also, quite frequently I need to simply find "all documents that do 
*not* contain term X".  I haven't been able to successfully construct a 
Query to make this happen.  If I'm remembering the API docs correctly, 
the null ctor for Query "matches no documents".  Would be useful to 
have a form that matches *all* documents.  Then you could do:

	Query q = Query(Query(ALL_DOCS), "foo", AND_NOT);


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