[Xapian-discuss] 100% relevant

Francis Irving francis at flourish.org
Tue Aug 17 08:31:35 BST 2004

Every query seems to be returning 100% relevant for every result, all
the way down to the last one returned.  

That is if I search for something like "treatment OR centre", it
returns 16758 responses, all with the same relevancy, being 100%.  And
get_weight returns 0 as well.

There are only 581 documents containing "treatment AND centre", so
surely some of those should have a higher relevancy than others?

This is with Xapian 0.8.1, using either the PHP or the Perl bindings.
It's for TheyWorkForYou.com, but my examples above are from a command
line query tool I have for testing (the site itself always does AND).

We noticed the problem because people found they weren't getting
relevant search results.  Everything appears to come vaguely in date
order because of the order stuff is loaded into the database with, but
only vaguely and it's quite confusing - you can certainly try that for
yourself searching on the live site.

I'm pretty sure I've broken something.  Any suggestions how I can find
out what?  Thanks very much for any help.


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