[Xapian-discuss] 100% relevant

Olly Betts olly at survex.com
Wed Aug 18 12:35:53 BST 2004

On Wed, Aug 18, 2004 at 12:04:10PM +0100, Francis Irving wrote:
> 1. Should I upgrade to Search::Xapian, which looks like the
> latest version on CPAN?  Is there a version called 0.8.1 yet? fixes quite a few things, so it's worth upgrading.  I don't
think Alex has released a version for 0.8.1 yet, though 0.8.0.X should
work apart from a new API method and possibly a few unused Error classes
which were removed.

> 2. Why is delve saying "Couldn't detect type of database"?  Even
> though it can still count the documents in it, and search.pl can
> return some results from it?

Ah, that I can answer:

> $ ~/src/xapian-examples-0.8.1/delve ~/scratch/testxapdb/ 'treatment OR centre'
> Error opening database: Couldn't detect type of database

delve doesn't run queries - it's trying to open a database called
'treatment OR centre'.  If you want to try queries, run quest.

It'd be more helpful if it included the database name in that error

> 3. Anything I can do to test the confiuration?  It's possible an older
> version of Xapian is being loaded in, or a different Perl module to
> the one I think.  But I don't know a nice way of checking this.

If it's Linux, look in /proc/<pid>/maps for a perl process such as:

perl -e 'use Search::Xapian; sleep 99999'

That should show which Xapian library is being loaded.


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