[Xapian-discuss] Mail problems - Xapian lists out of action

Olly Betts olly at survex.com
Tue Dec 28 01:24:12 GMT 2004

The box which handles mail for lists.xapian.org isn't accepting mail.
It looks like spamassassin has wedged, holding all the allowed open SMTP
connections (and most of the memory).  Mailman doesn't seem very happy
either.  Unfortunately I don't have admin rights, so we'll need to wait
for James to return to get this fixed.  I don't know when he's back, but
he's been sent an SMS to warn him things aren't well.

I also can't easily change the DNS for lists.xapian.org to add a backup MX
(Sam: I could easily with your help, if you're around mail me).

I'm sending this message locally from the problem box, so hopefully
it'll make it out despite the problems, and at least you will all know
what's going on.  But until this is fixed, mail sent from anywhere else
will be queued at your end, and will probably bounce back after a few


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