[Xapian-discuss] [Scriptindex] Exception: Key too long

Trebel at LEdZ trebel at ledz.net
Wed Jul 7 10:32:47 BST 2004


For our forum searchengine I'm implementing Xapian.
Each topic is a new Document in Xapian.

My scriptindex config file is:

url   : field=url boolean=Q unique=Q
title : field=title weight=3 index index=XT
start : field=start weight=2 index index=XS truncate=200
body  : field=text index
users : boolean=XU
forum : boolean=XF

'Users' are userids which have placed a posting in a topic.
It is a space-separated string with unique userids. 
The problem is that I get this error:  Exception: Key too long: length was
5301 bytes, maximum length of a key is 252 bytes

I already found out that this is because the btree index is getting too
large, but how can I work around this...

I would like to search for userids, but a normal field=users index=XU does
not seem to work for me. After mapping user to XU in my Omega template,
searching for user:1 does not return results.


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