[Xapian-discuss] TCL -> Xapian bindings problem?

Eric Parusel eparusel at creativens.com
Thu Oct 21 18:53:40 BST 2004


	I'm having xapian-bindings problems:
I'm currently trying to test out xapian bindings for TCL, using the 
examples that Michael Schlenker posted.

I've installed Xapian 0.8.3, TCL 8.3, SWIG 1.3.22, and then 
Xapian-bindings on a Debian stable box.

Xapian-bindings installed xapian.so:
# ls -la /usr/lib/tcl8.3/xapian.so
-rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root      3994416 Oct 18 12:56 

Using the following script, the shared library is either wrong/bad?, or 
I'm using it incorrectly?:

#!/usr/bin/env tclsh
package require Tcl 8
load [file join "/usr/lib/tcl8.3" xapian.so]
package require xapian 0.83
xapian::Stem stem "english"

The last line is just to test if a xapian object can be initialized.
The result I get from running this is:

version conflict for package "xapian": have 0.0, need 0.83
     while executing
"package require xapian 0.83"
     (file "./test.tcl" line 4)

If I remove "package require xapian 0.83", or set it to 0.0, I get the 

invalid command name "xapian::Stem"
     while executing
"xapian::Stem stem "english""
     (file "./test.tcl" line 5)

I've also tried a similar installation on a FreeBSD box, with the same 
result, unfortunately. (TCL 8.4, SWIG 1.3.21)


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