[Xapian-discuss] Am I looking in the right place

John Wards j.wards at sportnetwork.net
Tue Feb 8 16:46:52 GMT 2005

Hello All..n00bie alert.

Right I have installed xapian 0.8.5 core, bindings (just for PHP as I
might need that once i get out of n00b mode), examples and omega.

All good so far...

But I am now stuck, I can't find any documentation to explain how to do
what I am about to explain...

The reason for trying xapian out is because of your features page:

"You can also index data from any SQL or other RDBMS supported by the
Perl DBI module. That includes MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Sybase, MS

I have a large MySQL database 488,446 records and its 304 meg in size. I
currently have a full-text search on one column and I also limit the
search query using "AND locationid = whatever etc"

Fulltext using mysql is soo slow..can be 6 or so seconds..I have
optimised mysql so its not that (could be a hardware issue but I don't
have the cash just yet)

Can someone point me in the right direction (the right documentation as
I can't spot it) on how to index a mysql database and also tell me if
its possible to use xapian/omega to do the limiting of the data like I
would with mysql AND statments.

John Wards

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