[Xapian-discuss] incremental indexing

Arshavir Grigorian ag at m-cam.com
Wed Jul 20 18:51:47 BST 2005

 >Cool, thanks. It wasn't what I thought it might be, but that did push
 >> me to check the source code  :-) .
 >> Basically, there's a bug in omindex (effectively) that means that
 >> incremental operation currently isn't supported, despite what the
 >> overview document says.
 >> I've attached an untested patch which should help here. You have to
 >> pass a new command line switch, -p, to get the behaviour you want
 >> (docs updated in the patch also).

The patch seems to have worked fine. Many thanks.
If you would like me to do any more tests, do let me know.


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