[Xapian-discuss] Query parser and stemming of norwegian letters

Ivar Bratberg ivar at imaker.no
Thu Jun 9 13:11:16 BST 2005

Hello, can I get an explanation of the following.
Running the following code:
       pqp=new QueryParser();
       Stem stem("norwegian");
       cout << "DEBUG " <<  stem.stem_word(_sXapian)<< endl;
      //Set the enquire
       Query p=pqp->parse_query(_sXapian);
       cout << " Query " << string(bufSL) << p.get_description() << endl;

gives the follwing output
DEBUG  høy
 Query norwegianXapian::Query((ha:(pos=1) AND y:(pos=2)))

the ø is unicode c3b8

Why does the queryparser produce something different than a direct 
stemmer call ?

Best regards,

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