[Xapian-discuss] QueryParser API Docs

Mike Boone mike at boonedocks.net
Wed Mar 30 23:08:50 BST 2005

Hi Olly, I don't mean to confuse things, but we are using SWIG 1.3.21
currently, so perhaps that version is part of my problem. Is 1.3.22 the
proper version to use currently?


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I've had a look at the SWIG generated file php4/xapian_wrap.cc from  Oddly, it's not generated with swig 1.3.22 (as it should
have been).  And the code to handle optional parameters isn't there.

So the conclusion is that SWIG > 1.3.22 *IS* a problem for PHP4 (sigh,
I'd just concluded the opposite this week and backed out that change).
And that somehow I built with the wrong version.  Ah, probably
because the CVS snapshot builder didn't regenerate the file...

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