[Xapian-discuss] Two questions

roki roki rokiroki at gmx.net
Tue May 3 23:19:45 BST 2005

> Do you mean "reduced by 60%" (rather than "reduced to 60%")?

Reduced by 65%, database went form ~9GB to 3.8GB.

I want to mention that I have compiled Xapian with BM25Weight() : k1(10000),
k2(0), k3(0), b(0), min_normlen(0.5) because I need to get documents with
most frequencies at the top.

I also use only add_term with a lot frequencies (based on "pagerank" and
html formatting)  and for adding/replacing documents I use the nest

$code= unique id from my mysql database

$doc = Search::Xapian::Document->new(); 

$doc->add_term("blablabla", 500);


I can create Xapian database with a few hundreds documents and sent it to
you if you want.


> "By 60%" would be quite an extreme reduction (even by 40% is rather more
> than I've generally seen), but lots of replacement can leave blocks less
> full.  If you can provide a program and datafiles I can use to reproduce
> this, I'll take a look and see if this can be improved.
> Cheers,
>     Olly

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