[Xapian-discuss] Can stemmed and non-stemmed terms mixed in one query?

Ronny Perdana panduwana at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 12:25:56 BST 2005


I just installed 0.9.2 (on Cygwin, with new safewindows.h), is it possible 
to mix stemmed and non-stemmed terms in a query? For example, the query:
"transport" +rule
expects to find documents that contains the word transport (not 
transportation, transporting, etc) and any form of the word rule (rule, 
ruling, rules, etc)

The example files show how to index documents either stemmed or not-stemmed, 
but I cannot find a way to mix the two. 

I've tried searching the solution on docs, examples, and some of the mailing 
list archives, but I could not find it. I'm sorry if this question is too 
basic or had been discussed before.

Thank you, sorry for my bad english.

Perdana Panduwana
panduwana at gmail.com
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