[Xapian-discuss] Python binding and Xapian fields

David Levy dvid.levy at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 22:55:39 BST 2005

Hi all, 

I have spent more than 3 hours trying to figure out how Xapian documents 
fields works ! It seems that I failed so I ask for help.

I am using Xapian 0.9.2 with Python bindings and Xapwrap (Python wrapper for 
xapian) on Fedora Core 3. I have added custom fields like 'uri', 'title', 
etc and I wish to view them in my Omega results.
I am also using an Omega XML customized XML template with these fields. 
Searching with Xapian and Omega works great ... but those fields appears as 
empty in my resultset! I can not make it work, whether using Index or 
SmartIndex from Xapwrap.

What did I miss ? How Omega fields are considered regarding Xapian documents 
textfields/sortkeys/keywords ?
I have tried to add my fields as textfields, sortkeys and keyworks, but 
nothing works.

That's enough for today I think. :-)

Thanks in advance
David LEVY
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