[Xapian-discuss] Help on indexscript

Hermann Rokicz hermann.rokicz at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 11:58:27 BST 2006


I'm trying to index a set of usenet-postings. The script I currently use:

mid    : unique=Q boolean=Q field=mid
title  : truncate=100 weight=3 index=S field=title
email  : truncate=100 lower boolean=X field=email
groups : truncate=200 boolean=G field=groups
date   : field date=unix field=date
body   : truncate=1000 weight=1 indexnopos field=body

The postings are indexed by using omega/bin/scriptindex. Any comments to
the above script are appreciated since I found it quiet difficult to
find the documentation in the different places (src/docs, wiki, man-pages).

Intention of the index is, to search the postings and restrict the
searches to date, groups or email-adresses.


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