[Xapian-discuss] PHP and Enquire_get_eset

InsaneToucan insanetoucan at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 22:17:18 GMT 2006


I tried to modify the simplesearch.php example file to get an expanded terms
set like this:

44 Enquire_set_query($enquire, $query);
45 $matches = Enquire_get_mset($enquire, 0, 10);
46 $e = Enquire_get_eset($enquire,1,10,0,1,null);

I added line 46. Running it on the CLI I get the following error:

$ php simplesearch.php /var/data/xapian "mail"
Performing query `Xapian::Query(mail)'

Fatal error: No matching function for overloaded 'Enquire_get_eset' in
/var/www/john/htdocs/simplesearch.php on line 46

I've tried approaching and solving this problem by looking through the SWIG
source and the only reason I can see this error being invoked is by not
getting enough arguments, 6 in this case. However, in the same code it looks
like it should work even with <6 && >2 arguments (function starting @ line
10990 in php5/xapian_wrap.cc). If somebody could shed some light on this
issue that'd be appreciated.


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