[Xapian-discuss] weighting of documents and terms

Felix Antonius Wilhelm Ostmann ostmann at websuche.de
Fri Dec 29 16:24:53 GMT 2006

i want to sort the results by my special weighting, i never use the by 
relevance. but if i use sort_by_value this is realy slow :( 20 times 
slower than by relevance. can i modify the relevance-sort so it works 
fine for me? what must i do? The only way i see to modify is at 
searchtime to set_weighting_scheme of the Enquire.

the second problem ist, that i need a weight by value and term :-/ value 
is perhaps 20 and this term has an weight of 2 so the value must be 40 
for the sorting.

arg, so complex :-/ i dont find something in the documentation :-/

Happy New Year btw :)

Felix Antonius Wilhelm Ostmann

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