[Xapian-discuss] Optimization and Load balancing with Xapian

David Levy dvid.levy at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 23:03:09 GMT 2006

Hi (that's me again !! sorry :))

I am experiencing bad response times with Xapian/Omega in the last few days.
My database has more than 700k records, using ~ 3Go disk space.
Maybe my requests or my templates are not optimized, or maybe it's a
hardware (disk speed) issue. The weird thing is that often, the search time
provided in the response is sub second, and the response is actually given
by Omega over one second (even seconds ...). Did one of you had this kind of
issues ? Maybe my Apache (1.x) is not well configured for Omega ?
FYI, I am using PHP5 (so bindings are not available) and calling Omega with
HTTP GET requests returning XML documents between two servers.

To solve this issue, I was been thinking about load balancing Xapian. I
could not find any information about that on Internet. One of you did it yet
? How ?
I've found Crossroads (http://public.e-tunity.com/crossroads/crossroads.html)
tonight, i think it could help :
"*Crossroads is a load balance and fail over utility for TCP based services.
It is a daemon program running in user space, and features extensive
configurability, polling of back ends using 'wakeup calls', detailed status
reporting, 'hooks' for special actions when backend calls fail, and much
more. Crossroads is service-independent: it is usable for HTTP(S), SSH,
SMTP, DNS, etc."

*Thanks in advance !

David LEVY {selenium}
Website ~ http://www.davidlevy.org
Wishlist Zlio ~ http://david.zlio.com/wishlist
Blog ~ http://selenium.blogspot.com
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