[Xapian-discuss] Python or PHP hangs when loading a cygwin Xapian module

Thomas Deniau thomas at deniau.org
Fri Feb 24 10:07:26 GMT 2006

Patrick Mézard <pmezard at gmail.com> a écrit :

> I put _xapian.pyd, cygxapian-8.dll in lib/site-packages directly. I 
> do not think it will make much difference.

I did not get any _xapian.pyd file, only a _xapian.dll file.

> I did not have any problem with long long but somebody else did in 
> another mailing-list thread which I think I quoted.

Yes, I was referring to that post.

> Your issue may be related to your python distribution (which is 
> probably what Olly was referring to when talking about runtime 
> discrepancies and what I did not get at first sight). Maybe you could 
> give a try to a pure Windows ActiveState distribution with mingw, 
> just to know whether my how-to is actually relevant to other people.

I tried to install the ActiveState distrib and for some reason it 
failed at the
end of the install (at the "backup" stage). And ActiveState being distributed
as a wonderful MSI package, all the files installed are wiped out when the
install fails. So I can't test it...

Thomas Deniau

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