[Xapian-discuss] license question

Sam Liddicott sam at liddicott.com
Mon Jan 16 10:30:13 GMT 2006

Jim Lynch wrote:

> First, I'm not a lawyer.  Gotta get that out in the open.
> If all you are going to do is use a GPL licensed product and not try 
> to resell or redistribute it, then you are permitted to do so.  You 
> can even modify it for your own use as long you don't distribute the 
> modified product.  Once you start selling it or including it in a 
> package you redistribute, you'll have to identify the parts that are 
> licensed under the GPL to your customers and offer the source of the 
> GPLed components to them.

I hope 'm being helpful when I point out that "sell" here is a synonym 
for "redistribute"; I'm just trying to make clear that the exchange of 
money is irrellevant.


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