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durga bidaye doubtfire40008 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 12:49:53 GMT 2006


I m a newbie here . i have used xapian with c++. now i wanna use php. i
installed the bindings and went thru the docs. the examples given are
command line ones. i wanna create an application where search string is
taken thru a form, from  a user. i wud like a example of a pgm which runs
in  the browser( not on the command line). Is there such a example pgm
available? n another doubt i have is whether all the classes that were
available fr C++ are of no use to php? or only a few classes had to be
modified fr bindings pakage? rest of them are available fr use by php? if
not then where is the description fr classes used in bindings? my doubts
might be downrite silly, coz i m not a pro s/w engg, just a sudent. So
excuse me.


doubtfire40008 at gmail.com
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