[Xapian-discuss] Installing Omega on Ubuntu

Peter Masiar peter.masiar at yale.edu
Thu Mar 16 23:30:08 GMT 2006

Hi Xapian gurus,

I looked around and Omega looks like good match for what I need: custom 
google-like search.

Warning: I am quite a Linux newbie, but I know root password and many 
more like me are coming. :-)  With ubuntu, Linux will be on many 
desktops. And your Omega search engine might be on many of them. So more 
stupid questions like mine are coming... :-)

I am trying to install Omega on fresh ubuntu-breezy.
I followed steps at http://www.xapian.org/download.php

up to:
    fakeroot apt-get source -b xapian-bindings xapian-omega

What should I do next?
(1) Do I need to continue steps in INSTALL, or apt-get did it for me?

(2) Do I need to enable apache webserver, or some other webserver?

(3) How I can test (from command line, maybe?) that Omega was built OK?
I assume I can config Omega to index some existing textfiles, like Omega 
source code, and if all is OK, you can tell me what should happen, right?

(4) Looks like your CGI application to query xapian index and present 
results is in C, right? Do you have something like Omega, but in python 
(preferably) or perl?

Sorry that my questions are so trivial. :-(

(5) Do you have some FAQ? If you do, I did not found it.

Even better, you may want to start a wiki where documentation can be 
build by community efforts.

Good wiki might be TRAC:


Some trivial suggestions (obvious for gurus, maybe less obvious for 
Linux newbies like me):

- I needed to install fakeroot for ubuntu
- "su -" does not work on ubuntu - I used "su - <myusername>"
- I believe that Omega can became ubuntu package even if not part of 
Debian. Especially now, when ubuntu cannot easily have pyLucene because 
of  version conflicts while upgrading versions of Java, SWIG, gcj, and 

Strange packages were installed:
when I do:
apt-get build-dep xapian-bindings xapian-omega
NEW packages:
python2.2 python2.3 python 2.4
Question: Is it correct? Why all 3 versions? Will it break something?

Thank you!

Peter Masiar

A: Because it messes up the flow of reading.
Q: Why is top-posting often frowned upon?

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