[Xapian-discuss] sort_by_value performance

Fernando Nemec fernando.nemec at folha.com.br
Sun Oct 29 18:15:08 GMT 2006

Hi everyone,

I'm trying Xapian to build a search mechanism to index hundreds of
thousands documents.

Well, I have already build the searcher and the indexer but a
requisite for this program is to sort the articles by date.

To do so, I add a value to each document using iso 8601 format and use
the method sort_by_value from Enquire. As values are sorted as strings
the sort goes fine.

The sort works but in about 3-4 times the time require to do the same
search using relevance sort.

I've read this message


and this patch is already applied.

Does anyone have any idea to increase sort_by_value's performance, or
anyone have a better idea to do so than use a value to have a "sort by
date" feature?

Sort by id and have all the documents indexed in a strictly order is
not a option. As far as I know, Omega doesn't use this approach to
sort by date, but I don't know if Omega's way is better.

Thanks in advanced,


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