[Xapian-discuss] Re: Xapian vs Lucene

Jason White jasonjgw at internode.on.net
Sat Feb 3 10:29:03 GMT 2007

>It should still be balanced with a quote I had the other day:
>"I looked at the Xapian website, and it looked like it was a page
>written by a 14 years old boy, whereas the Lucene website looks very

I *strongly* disagree.

The Xapian Web site was clearly written by an expert. It is well organized,
and informative.
>Another quote I had was:
>"From what I have read, Xapian people seem to consider their way of
>treating the indexing process/algorithms as the biblical truth, that
>doesn't have to be discussed, while Lucen explains a lot more what they
>are doing and why".

Have you actually read the discussion of algorithms and the introduction to
information retrieval on the Xapian Web site?

It's better than what most free software projects offer by way of explanation.
It also shows that the developers have expertise in research related to
information retrieval systems. I haven't searched the Lucene site for
corresponding information, so this isn't a comparative comment; I'm just
making the point that the Xapian approach is thoroughly documented.
>I haven't checked the truthness of both these quotes, so I can't coment
>on them, but I think they must be taken into account if Xapian wants to
>get a better public image.

These quotes are both uninformed regarding Xapian, so I suggest that they
shouldn't be taken seriously.

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