[Xapian-discuss] Unexpected slowness

Daniel Andersson daniel at septum.org
Thu Feb 8 10:19:04 GMT 2007

> Are you testing with the same databases, just copied across (rather  
> than
> rebuilt)?
> Is the live machine the same architecture and running the same OS
> version and compiler version as the Linux dev box?

tested with the same database on two devel machines, one linux and  
one mac os x
both perform the searches quicker than the live machine, although  
both devel machines are slower (cpu and disk wise) and haven't got  
more more ram

> One thought - do search times improve if you do more searches?  When
> nothing is cached, a search will be slower as everything needed has
> to be read from disk.  Subsequent searches will need many of the same
> blocks so the first few searches will typically each be faster than  
> the
> one before.

now i feel like a bit of a fool
yes, subsequent searches are (much) faster

so the best remedy is to make sure that the search is used once in a  
while and to get more memory for the machine..

thanks for your help olly!

/ d

ps. rebuilt the index using flint, and both the indexing and  
searching is much faster now :)

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