[Xapian-discuss] Using scriptindex with omega and date searches.

Jim jim at fayettedigital.com
Tue Feb 13 18:19:12 GMT 2007

I was attempting to incorporate the START and END cgi parameters to 
omega to limit my query but it wasn't working.  I noticed that the 
generated query consisted of a bunch of filter terms such as:

M200110 OR M200111 OR D20011201 OR D20011202

however when I went into godmode I saw the D terms but no M terms.  I 
reasoned that omnindex must generate something to put in the DB like

month: field=month index=M

I didn't find that documented anywhere, but when I added that to my 
index file and added a term such as


to each document, the search with START and END seemed to work.

Am I correct that I had to do it myself?  Or was there some way I could 
have modified the index to automatically generate the M terms?

If the former, I'm going to write it up and put it on the wiki 'cause 
it's really not as well documented as I would have liked.  Perhaps a 
note in the cgi discussion near the START, END and SPAN that says these 
are only valid if you use omindex would be helpful.


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