[Xapian-discuss] broken code

Michael A. Lewis MAL at ICGINC.COM
Sat Jul 21 20:48:29 BST 2007

I'm looking for a little help with my rather simple indexer that was working fine under 0.9.x and now no longer is. The code is:
             try {
                 Xapian::WritableDatabase database(dbname, DB_CREATE_OR_OPEN);
                 Xapian::TermGenerator indexer;         
                 Xapian::Stem stemmer("english");
                 Xapian::Document doc;              
                 if (meta) {
             } catch (const Error &error) {      
                 sprintf(tmp,"ERROR:-6 %s",error.get_msg().c_str());
which as you can see is a minor modification of the simpleindex.cc code. I modified my code from the old-style indexing to using termgenerator. The problem is that the indexer.index_text(line); fails silently. I placed debug lines before the call and after. The after is never executed and the module (which is running in the background as a daemon) is no longer running. The CATCH code is never reached either.
I have verified that all the xapian libraries are the 1.0.2 variety and that the xapian include files are up to date (this is the only version of xapian installed on this server),
Any guidence would be appreciated,

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