[Xapian-discuss] Re: Building RPM on RHEL4

James Aylett james-xapian at tartarus.org
Sun Jun 3 12:02:13 BST 2007

On Sat, Jun 02, 2007 at 01:19:51PM +0100, Olly Betts wrote:

> > I could upload them to http://www.xapian.org/RPM together with those
> > I built for Fedora 6. James, Olly, would that be okay ?
> Sure, assuming that there's enough disk space.  If not, it might have to
> wait until James finishing setting up the new server, or perhaps we can
> move stuff around to make space.

There's about 120M on that drive right now. Moving the Xapian website
is fiddly because of the PHP bits, so it won't happen all that soon. I
could set up another website for static downloads only, if that would


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