[Xapian-discuss] Chinese, Japanese, Korean Tokenizer.

Richard Boulton richard at lemurconsulting.com
Fri Jun 29 17:19:43 BST 2007

☼ 林永忠 ☼ (Yung-chung Lin, a.k.a. "Kaspar" or "xern") wrote:
> Well, it might be a problem with gmail, or the mailing list. I did
> attach the .cc files. :( Anyway, the code is made into a tarball now.
> The library is released in the MIT license. Enjoy it!

Sorry - that still didn't get through.

You could try sending it to one of us directly (eg, to me at 
richard at tartarus.org).

Alternatively, (and better, though more work for you) you could open a 
wishlist bug on our bugzilla (at http://xapian.org/bugs) and attach the 
library to it.  (You'll have to create an account on the bugzilla first, 
then create a bug, and then attach the file to it).  That way, we won't 
lose track of this.


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