[Xapian-discuss] Re: 1.0 news, and a call for testing

Jean-Francois Dockes jean-francois.dockes at wanadoo.fr
Sun May 6 13:35:04 BST 2007


I've compiled/linked Recoll with the snapshot, and I see no specific
problem (but I did not do a huge amount of testing). 

I second Fabrices's suggestion for a specific 'database format changed'
exception (Recoll still uses quartz by default anyway).

Is there somewhere a document describing what's new for application
developpers in the 1.0 xapian-core API ? 

Especially, there is a mention on the wiki of a "new unicode/utf-8 API in
xapian-core". What's this ?
Do the stemmers now take utf-8 ? 

I am quite certain that this information passed in messages through my
mailbox, but a small abstract with pointers to the detailed information
(include files accepted...) would certainly be appreciated. 

J.F. Dockes

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